Easy Seed Trays

I am very frugal. Okay frugal is the wrong word, I am just downright cheap. I have to be, but that doesn’t mean I have to use second best of everything. This spring while getting ready to get my garden started, every time my mom called she told me that I “need to go buy some seed trays!” Problem is, they are expensive out here!

Trays I never buy.

After some careful consideration I made of list of what the trays needed to do.

  • Retain Moisture
  • Warm(greenhouse like)
  • Keep animals our(In my house the cats like to climb in the trays…)

As I was walking down the cooking aisle, I saw some pans with clear lids. My brain said “Ah ha!” and into my cart they went. I purchased 3 trays for $1.79

When I got home, I pulled out some pepper seeds that I had been waiting to start and got them planted in the trays. The trays were a little wobbly when picked up while full so they probably wouldn’t work super well if you wanted to plant a long tray of seeds but the little ones were fine as soon as I put them on the shelf. The plastic lids snap on and *bang* instant seed tray.

I watered the seeds well when I first planted them and then didn’t touch them again for several days. I was curious to see how well they would grow in these trays.

Very quickly I began to see many little green seedlings popping out. They are growing great now and almost ready to go into the garden.

Don’t feel obligated to buy the majorly expensive stuff! Use your imagination and you can find all sorts of inexpensive shortcuts!



Dinosaur Planters

My husband occasionally complains that I have to many house plants. This is probably true seeing as though I have run out of places to put them! I am always on the search for more unique planters & pots. When I saw these dino planters on a website I knew that I had to try making them! I had a tough time finding hollow plastic dinosaurs for sale in my small town but our Walmart finally got a shipment of them in. I got two of them for $1 each. I knew I didn’t have any plants small enough at the time to fit into the dinosaurs so I also bought a small $4 pot of ivy. Once I got home, the fun began!

Use a sharp knife to cut out the back of the dino. I didn’t have the best luck cutting them very even but that’s okay, they are still cute.

If you are a perfectionist, you can take a piece of sandpaper and smooth the cut edges.

The plastic was a lighter tanish white color so in an effort to make it blend in more, I colored the edges with a black sharpie.

Use the knife to cut a drainage hole in the belly of the dino.

Stuff the legs & tail with potting soil.

Carefully insert your plant into the back and tightly pack soil around.

Place in proper sunlight for your plant & water as recommended. The first time you water it, the water will probably run over the sides of the dino so just make sure you water on a counter or other surface that won’t be ruined by the water.

Now I want to go back to the store and buy the elephants, zebras, polar bear, & lion to make planters out of them too!!!