Make your own (very cute) sugar cubes!

After visiting my therapists yesterday(my horses), I figured I should probably make something special for them. I had found awhile ago basic instructions here on how to make your own sugar cubes. For those of you who don’t have horses, don’t fret! These are great to make for tea or coffee too! These look super cute in small heart shapes. Unfortunately, I don’t have a heart shaped chocolate mold…I have ones in the shape of cows, roosters & pigs. Oh well, the horses won’t care!

Homemade Sugar Cubes

  • Granulated Sugar(white or brown)
  • Water
  • Chocolate molds

To start with put however much sugar you would like to use in a bowl. Slowly add COLD water 1 tsp at a time until the sugar forms a paste. You do not want it runny or else it will be hard to work with and take forever to dry.

Once you have your paste to the desired consistency, place small amounts into the molds. You want to make sure the sugar is packed firmly.

Allow to fully dry & then carefully remove from the molds. Mine took about a week to dry.

Store in a ziplock bag & use as treats for your horses or in your coffee & tea.


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