Simple Message Board/Love Note Board

Every morning Ryan gets up at 6am to get ready for work. 9 times out of 10, as long as Maverick is cooperating I am asleep at that point. There are times when I wish I could tell him something I forgot about but he was already asleep, or times I just want to be able to tell him I love him and was thinking about him. That way, he knows that even though I’m asleep, I still cared enough to take the time to tell him I cared. I have seen these done several different ways but I wanted to keep mine simple. I have seen some that have “I love you because…” printed on the paper and then you just write the reason under that. I decided to leave mine blank so I could fill in anything I chose. I can’t wait to get a different frame though because this one is quite ugly, I just used it because I didn’t have any other empty ones! I want to find a cute western one eventually to match the rest of the house.

Message Board

Supplies needed:

  • Picture Frame
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Sissors
  • Pen or pencil
  • Dry Erase Marker

Using the cardboard that comes in the picture frame, lay it out on your paper and use the pen or pencil to trace around it.

Cut to the proper size to fit your frame.

Place in frame and write your message!

I placed this one in the bathroom because I know it’s one place that Ryan is going to see every morning.

The possibilities are endless as to what you could use these for and the best thing about them is you can customize them with any frame & paper you want! You never have to worry about them not matching the decor. You could even make ones to go with the seasons or holidays…I think next time I go to Hobby Lobby, a paper shopping trip is required!


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