Thank God for Rain!

Lets try this again…I THOUGHT this post had been posted last night…but apparently it wasn’t! P.S. Update on the water situation – It’s all fixed now :-)

Today has been the biggest blessing! After having months of the worst drought that this area has seen in years, We finally got rain! We got 4+” inches of rain. 4″ is more rain then we have had TOTAL for the last 12 months. It was awesome to be able to lay in bed and listen to the thunder & the rain on the roof! Our ponds have all filled back up again…they’ve been dry for months now. This will help so much going into the spring.

I have learned living out here to never take things for granted. This morning when I woke up at 4am to feed Maverick, I went to get a glass of water and the water coming out of the sink was brown…like bottom of the pond brown. I went back into the bedroom and tried to tell Ryan. At first he simply responded with a “uh huh” but eventually I got him out of bed to go find out what was wrong. Thank goodness for men right? Apparently the pump house for the well pump was flooded which caused something to go wrong with the pump. So far Ryan’s gotten the pump going again and we have water, it’s just still a little murky. I’m hoping by tomorrow it will be clear again because I have a sink full of dishes to wash!

I wasn’t the only one enjoying the water – our horses were having a blast too! They spent the entire day running around acting like foals. Ryan’s horse wiped out at least once in the mud…and then stood up looking around as if looking to see if anyone saw him fall. He then proceeded to start running around again. Apparently he didn’t get the hint the first time!

I am thanking God for the rain that he has provided. For us in the agriculture business, rain is everything. We may not have crops, but our horses & cattle need hay to survive and with no water, we have no hay! We are still continuing to pray that this spring brings a lot more rain!

I took some video of the ponies playing in the mud(this was all taken from my front door):


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